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About this Garden Plan

Five happy kale plants anchor a 4x8' bed, with small side plantings of dill, scallions, cilantro and two cool-season edible flowers -- pansy and calendula.

Plan Type, Soil and Location

Garden Location: USA
Garden Size: 7' 11" x 3' 11"
Garden Type: Backyard / back garden
Garden Layout: Raised Beds
Sun or Shade: Sunny
Garden Soil Type: Good soil

Plan Notes

Garden Plan

Plant List

 PlantNumberSpacingSpacing in RowsNotes
Calendula 211"9" x 1' 11"Direct seed or use seedlings
Cilantro 67"5" x 9"Direct seed
Dill 97"5" x 9"Direct seed
Kale 51' 3"1' 1" x 1' 5"Transplant seedlings
Onions (Green) 173"3" x 3"Use inexpensive onion sets to grow spring scallions
Pansy 29"9" x 9"Transplant seedlings

Planting Times

Plant List key
Onions (Green)