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"You have made gardening EASY and FUN! Fail-safe crop rotations, plant quantities and supply (irrigation) lists specific to my plan, planting times for my location for indoor and outdoor starts, this site has it ALL!! I have introduced this site to every nursery in my area - success makes for happy Gardeners!!! Everyone wants to know my's YOU! Thank you for this amazing tool!"
Lisa Fleck
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Subscription Length Cost
Annual Automatically Recurring Subscription AU$47
1 Year Subscription AU$66
2 Year Subscription AU$112


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What's Included?

A subscription to the online Garden Planner gives you the following benefits:

  • Garden Plans:
    Get access to your garden plans all year round so that you can make changes, print them and produce up-to-date planting lists.
  • Email Reminders:
    Receive email reminders of when to sow and plant out the vegetables in your plans.
  • Save Time and Money:
    Having a well-planned garden and planting at the best time helps increase your success rate when gardening.
  • Easy Crop Rotation:
    Use the colour-coded system to rotate your crops each year, avoiding the build up of pests or depletion of nutrients in the soil.
  • Next Year's Planning:
    The Garden Planning tool will simply copy your garden layout without the vegetables, making it simple to start on next year's plans.
  • Upgrades:
    New features are immediately available to you as they are released, making the Garden Planner even more useful.
  • Priority Support:
    Live Chat support (or email if you prefer) from our own trained gardening experts, should you require it.
You can create up to 5 plans per year (or more if you select an Annual recurring plan and upgrade your account).

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