Cowpeas Growing Guide


Crop Rotation Group

Legumes (Pea and Bean family) 


Any average, well drained soil.


Full sun in very warm locations only.

Frost tolerant

No. Cowpeas are semi-tropical plants that crave warm growing conditions.


When using cowpeas to improve very poor soil, mixing a balanced organic fertiliser into the soil before planting will give better results.


Often planted with other heat-tolerant summer- blooming annuals.


Single Plants: 15cm (5") each way (minimum)
Rows: 15cm (5") with 35cm (1' 1") row gap (minimum)

Sow and Plant

Sow when the soil is warm. Cowpeas will not germinate in cold soil.
Our Garden Planner can produce a personalised calendar of when to sow, plant and harvest for your area.


Cowpeas are a good nitrogen-fixing summer cover crop for warm climates, where the vegetable seasons are sharply divided by a period of hot weather.


Pull up or turn under plants any time after they are about 4 weeks old, but before they develop pods.


Rarely bothered by pests or diseases when grown in warm weather.

Planting and Harvesting Calendar

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Pests which Affect Cowpeas